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Florida IPM BMP

    Integrate Pest Management (IPM) are the most economically advantageous methods to protect against pests and diseases and with the least possible risk to the environment and human health. IPM was originally defined as applied pest control which combines and integrates biological and chemical control. Chemical control is used as necessary and in a manner which is least disruptive to biological control. Integrated control may make use of naturally occurring biological control as well as biological control effected by manipulated or induced biotic agents" (Stern et al. 1959). IPM monitors and manages diseases and pests with a combination of cultural, biological, chemical and mechanical controls. http://ipm.ifas.ufl.edu/

    Best Management Practices (BMP) is closely related and emerged shortly after IPM. Florida BMP are efforts to minimize the threat of Africanized Honey Bees (AHB) in Florida. Maintaining managed colonies is the best line of defense against AHB. Managed colonies across Panama and Central America was the most effective program to stop the northern migration of Africanized Honey Bees, unfortunately no one was willing to assist Panama with the resources. In all the research with Africanized Honey Bees and other bee maladies requeening has been effective in almost all cases. Maintaining a healthy European Honey Bee (EHB) queen is the proven solution.